27 Dec 2020

Study on state aid for private investments in Greece through Development Law and NSRF

SPEED Development Consultants SA has undertaken by the Special Service for Management and Implementation of Industry, Trade & Consumer Sectors (EYDE VEK) of the General Secretariat of Industry to implement the project: “Consultant services for the preparation of a study for the state aid to projects in industry and trade through the Development Law and the NSRF”. This project includes the assessment of previous state aid schemes for co-financing private investments (through the Development Law and the NSRF) and especially in industry and trade, the assessment and identification of current and future needs and capabilities of the Greek economy, with emphasis on the thematic, sectoral and regional targeting and the definition of policy measures to facilitate private investment and in particular the terms, conditions and categories of aid and the conditions for the implementation of a new, simple and functional Development Law.

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