Social Policy

The scope of the consulting and advisory services of SPEED is to support public institutions, local authorities and businesses in the following fields:

• designing and evaluating projects and programmes on social policy, entrepreneurship and employment

• organizing, monitoring and controlling the implementation of co-funded programmes, with the application of modern methods and management techniques.

• developing the basic directions and participating in innovative programmes for the development of public welfare and health policies.

• promoting the social economy and corporate social responsibility development model.

Indicative advisory and consulting projects:

• External evaluation of the EU co-funded project «Public Health in Action: Intervention in the Centre of Athens oriented towards the Prevention of Infectious Diseases and Important Risk Factors in the framework of Primary Health Care services provision» (National School of Public Health).

• Development of an integrated social economy aid model in island regions (EQUAL Programme, Development Consortium ‘TILEMACHOS’).

• Promoting entrepreneurship for the unemployed in new skills in Western Macedonia (EQUAL Programme, Development Consortium “Business Perspective”).

• Recording and evaluating of compensatory actions of power production companies for the benefit of local communities in ten Member States of the EU (ANCO / Prefecture of Kozani).

• Monitoring, coordination and evaluation of the project «Cooperation for the development of Social Care and Public Health policies – Trainers’ training» (INTERREG IIIA Greece-Albania).

• Evaluation of the project «Reinforcement of skills of disadvantaged groups via the design of a pilot and innovative distance learning training programme» (EQUAlL Programme, Development Consortium «e-nsist»).

• Preparation of the Action Plan for the national Primary Healthcare Practice.

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