SPEED provides the following consulting services:

1. Evaluation, Management and Administration Services of National and European Programs and Development Projects

  • Technical and administrative support of bodies for the implementation of co-financed projects and programs
  • Evaluation of operational programs and development projects
  • Project Management, monitoring and control

2. Strategic Operational Planning and Restructuring Services

  • Strategic and Operational Planning
  • Drafting local and regional development plans, development studies and research
  • Restructuring, modernization and development of public bodies and private companies
  • Development of quality assurance systems and administrative capacity certification

3. Preparation, Evaluation and Financing of Investment Projects Services

  • Feasibility studies, cost/benefit analyses and social-economic impact assessments for development projects
  • Exploration and utilization of financing opportunities for private companies stemming from national and european programs.
  • Planning and implementation of innovative entrepreneurship and RTD programs.

4. Environmental and Energy Studies and Management Services

  • Design, planning, evaluation, financing and implementation of environmental and energy projects and programs
  • Consulting services and studies for renewable energy sources exploitation and energy saving policies
  • Environmental Management Systems (EMAS and ISO 14001) and ECOLABEL
  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA and SEA)


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