Public Administration

The consulting and advisory services provided by SPEED are targeted to support public administration agencies and the bodies of the broader public sector in the following fields:

• planning and evaluation of development projects and operational programs

• organisation, monitoring and control of the implementation of co-funded by the EU programmes with the elaboration of up to date methods and management techniques

• development, certification and maintenance of Quality Management Systems and Management Capacity Systems.

• compliance with the existing regulations and preparation of the statutorily required reports.

Indicative advisory and consulting projects:

  • Exante Evaluation of the “Operational Program for Entrepreneurship, Competitiveness and Innovation” (PA 2014-2020, GR)
  • Strategic Planning and Design of Research and Innovation Programs in the programming period 2014-20120, according to the rules and guidelines of the European Structural Funds and the Research and Innovation Smart Specialization Strategy (RIS3) (GSRT/Ministry of National Economy, GR)
  • Strategic Environmental Assessments of three Operational Programs of PA 2014-2020 (Ministries of Environment/Infrastructures, Development and Region of Crete, GR)
  • Preparation of the strategic monitoring NSRF report in accordance with Article 29 of Regulation 1083/2006 “(collaboration with the Foundation for Economic & Industrial Research – IOBE, GR)
  • Ex post evaluation of SMEs state aid measures of a) the OP “Competitiveness” and b) the OP “Information Society” of the Third CSF, GR
  • Institution Building by developing Management Capacity Systems for beneficiaries of the NSRF: a) Beneficiaries of the OP “Improvement of Accessibility”, b) Management Bodies of NATURA protected areas, c) Beneficiaries of the Regional OP of North Aegean , GR
  • Scientific support and coordination consultant for the implementation of the Cross Border Public Health Centres in the areas of Kilkis, Drama and Xanthi (“INTERREG III A / PHARE CBC Greece-Bulgaria” Community Initiative)
  • Management Consultant of a) the Regional OP of North Aegean / Second CSF, and b) the OP “Environment” EPPER / Second CSF (Ministry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works, GR)
  • Interim evaluation of EU co-financed LEADER Initiative in 3 local programs (Local Developmet Agencies, GR)
  • Implementation of the LEADER approach in the context of the Rural Development Programme 2007-13 of Cyprus and provision of technical support for Local Action Groups (CY)
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